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And, December

It has been some time since I last blogged, and once again NaNoWriMo (i.e., National Novel Writing Month) is to blame, mostly. NaNo is where you masochistically vow to write 50,000 words of a novel within a single month--November. And all creative energy and effort and time must go toward it, rather than blogging or reading or . . . sleeping.

This year I pulled it off, barely. Like with 5 hours to go on November 30th, doing a surge on a flight to Orlando for work and finishing up in my hotel room.

It is such a difficult undertaking, and frankly, I don't have a ton of bandwidth for stuff like this. I have young children. I work full-time. I have a household to run. There are always so, so many obligations. And frankly, sometimes NaNo really only matters to me. But I did it! And better yet, I'm DONE with NaNo! I'm excited to read again, watch TV (without guilt) again, go to bed before midnight, enjoy the Christmas season . . . without NaNo hanging over me.

And yes, I realiz…

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