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More Bookish Things

Lots of reading around here lately. Charlotte has been going gangbusters, plowing through Junie B. Jones books (retch retch retch) as fast as I can download them from the library. She's newly enamored with Agatha Parrot books, but the library system only has two of them. Which means--gasp--I may have to buy the others. They take her a decent amount of time to read, so it's probably worth it, but her bookshelf is stuff with other unread books . . . so buying more books seems sort of dumb.

Wait. Buying books is never dumb.

Charlotte has also been reading Kit books (American Girl) from my youth that ended up here during my parents' downsizing. It's actually kind of cool, because Kit's stories are set during the Great Depression, which her grandfather (and mine, come to think of it) grew up in. So, she's learning history, the idea of not having enough, understanding family history. It's hard to explain, but some dots are getting almost effortlessly connected…

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