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Me too.

The first time it happened, I was told by Campus Safety, "But . . . boys will be boys." And by someone else, "I guess that's what happens at a godless, liberal college." (For the record, the person was not a student.) That's what I got for speaking.

So what do we think happened the second time? On the DC metro coming home from work, when he sat next to me, opened a newspaper to hide what was happening, and went ALL the way up my skirt? Grabbed what he felt like grabbing? I quietly fled the metro car at the next stop (of course he made me climb over him to get out). I didn't make a sound. What did I expect? Boys will be boys.

Once my legs could hold me up, I boarded another metro train, got off at my stop, and bolted for the condo. When Chris got home, I tearfully told him. Poor guy, he didn't know what to do and asked me why I didn't speak up. Why didn't I throw a big fat fit on that crowded metro car?

Because, I couldn't tell him, pro…

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