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Getting Political

Not wanting to suck as a human being, and also not wanting to add to the divisiveness that is politics, I've been pretty quiet on social media and most conversations, clicking "like" here and there, and maybe sharing an article. Exceptions? I'll lament to Chris or a participate in a general "holy-crap-what-a-Trump-shit-show" with people I know won't be offended by me commenting in such a way on said shit show.

But because I believe utter despair is even less Christian than cheating on your just-gave-birth wife, defending neo-Nazis, lying pretty much all the time, displaying the greed and impulsiveness of a toddler (a really rotten toddler), or enacting child abuse on some of the world's most vulnerable and voiceless citizens, I know no other way to hope than to string together some words and hope they lead to actions that make an effing difference.

Yes, yes, Trump is terrible and awful. We know.

Do we?

Trump is killing America, death by a thousand …

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