Updates and Musings

Here are a few updates and musings.

Zoo trip: I’m told Charlotte had an absolute ball. Typically a big fan of strolling via stroller to and fro, she was so excited that she ran around the zoo most of the time. When she returned to school, she was still so wired that she refused to nap. Thus, she also had her very first full day without a nap—and she had gotten up at 5:15 a.m. that morning. So it wasn’t too big of a shock when the child fell asleep for the night by 6:20 p.m.

Writing workshop: Have I made a decision about the 8-week summer writing workshop? I have. I registered. I know I mentioned how supportive Chris has been, but I want people to REALLY get it. When I mentioned the idea of the workshop and told him the cost ($360), the guy didn’t even blink. “Sounds like a bargain,” he said. “If I were you, I’d register.” When I pointed out that he’d have to help with Charlotte more, he simply said, “I can handle her. Just do this, would you?”

Of course, it’s easy to make promises or bless a large purchase. The hard part comes later, so we still have to wait and see how everything goes. It won’t be terribly easy, I suspect. But now is the time. Charlotte is still a lot of work, but toddler requires a different kind of work than a baby does. And frankly, Chris is better equipped to entertain a 16-month-old than a 6-month-old. Since it’s no longer 4 degrees outside, I also can shoo the two of them out the door.

Goals: I’ve been annoyingly goal-oriented lately. Maybe it’s the sunny weather. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m enjoying a slower pace at work right now. Dunno. However, to keep myself accountable for goals that exist mostly in my head, I’m going to give you three that I intend to complete before the long weekend is done:

1. Paint the craft room/storage room/guest bedroom #3. I recently cleared it out, cleaned it, and organized everything, and now those blindingly white walls are ready for some (green) paint. All I need to do is get Chris to move his many, many seedlings (he took up gardening, remember?) someplace else where Charlotte can’t destroy them.

2. Finish reading my book so I can start the June Hofmann Life Book Club book! Surely, I can fly through 200 pages within a 3-day weekend.

3. Use any means necessary to cajole my dear husband into finally, finally, FINALLY hanging up the four things I want hung. I’m prohibited (yes, prohibited) from putting nails or screws in the wall. Why? “You don’t measure! You just . . . you just . . . you just HANG THINGS UP WILLY-NILLY!” my spouse declares. The man is utterly aghast—aghast!—that I’m willing to be so careless. My view? I’d rather have the damn things hung a bit off-center than not at all. His view? What’s wrong with blank walls?

So there you go. What about you, dear readers? What are your plans for the long weekend?


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