Charlotte's Big News

Charlotte is going to be a big sister!

We planned to announce it in a super cutesy way, with a photo of a certain little 2-year-old flaunting a t-shirt that says “I’m going to be a BIG SISTER!” but that same little 2-year-old did not cooperate. At all. We got one shot, several weeks ago, that we sent to our parents, but (a) the angle is terrible, (b) Charlotte had a huge wound on her face from face-planting on the playground, and (c) her hair was CRAZY. And, well, my kid is cuter than that photo. I swear. And yes, I am so shallow that I won’t post it.

Thus, we tried a second photo shoot that failed. Utterly. Finally, I spelled out the big news in play blocks, which Charlotte knocked over before I could even grab the camera. Why, I’m beginning to think she’s not too crazy about the idea of a baby. Considering that a new favorite game of hers is to drag her baby doll’s head across the banister spindles (she likes the sound it makes), I should possibly be concerned.

So, here are the answers to the FAQs for #2:

1. October 14.
2. Nauseous. Constantly.
3. Planned. (Not that it’s anybody’s beeswax, but I’ve been asked this a surprising number of times.)
4. Yes, we’ll find out the gender.
5. Boy name is set; girl name is 90% set. I’ll tell you when we know the gender.

We’re super excited, and it’s a bit trippy to be going through pregnancy again. In some ways, the second pregnancy is better because I know how much I love Charlotte, and I’m amazed that we’ll have a SECOND little creature to adore. I mean, it just seems like SO MUCH GOODNESS, you know? In some (practical) ways, round 2 is worse, because I can’t indulge in fetal-position lounging as I battle nausea, as Charlotte simply won’t allow it and there’s just so much to do each day.

At any rate, we feel incredibly lucky and we can’t wait to see what this kiddo has in store for us.

But the question remains: What if Charlotte ends up being our CALM child?


  1. Congrats Charlotte! (and Ashley! And Chris!). Exciting news (and funny story about the failed photo shoots).

  2. Congrats! That's great news! I hope the nausea lets up soon and a big congrats to Miss Charlotte as she embarks on the journey of being a big sis.


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