Our Groove

The prettiest sight you'll see: Lorelei sleeping in her crib, not in my arms or even the bouncer. Sure, the photo is dark, but there was NO WAY I was going to risk waking her with the flash.

Dare I type it out loud? Dare I suggest that this little Hofmann family of four has found  . . . its groove?

Granted, last week was not the smoothest. Lorelei is not a difficult baby, but she was a bit on the fussy side and absolutely, no matter what, WOULD NOT NAP if she wasn’t in Mommy’s arms. Obviously, I would be on my last nerve by the time Chris and Charlotte got home, and my neck, shoulders, and head were screaming from the hours and hours and hours I had spent nursing or serving as a mattress for our youngest child. I’d hand off Lorelei to Chris and bask in the freedom of movement that chasing Charlotte allowed.

Last weekend was chaotic—we’re not even close to finding our groove on weekends. Again, a huge problem is breastfeeding. I know the breastfeeding gurus like to praise how CONVENIENT it is to be able to just feed your kid on the go, no matter where you are. But in practice, it means I sit in the car during our Big Outing So We Don’t Go Batty and feed Lorelei while Chris and Charlotte battle Costco. Or Target. Or wherever. Lorelei DID let me actually go into Chipotle, so there’s that.

Sure, I nurse Lorelei in the car all the time when it’s just her and me. But then I actually get to GO IN to wherever I intended afterward. With Chris and Charlotte? Not so much.

Anyway, I actually DID mean for this to be a POSITIVE post, because things are going SO much better. (So much better, in fact, that in my excitement I capitalized three whole words in that previous sentence.)

Happily, Mommy’s supply has been holding steady. However, on Monday, I hit a bump (literally) of developing a milk blister. I will not explain what it is—google it, if you have the stomach for it. My point is that due to its location, I was backed into a nursing corner. I couldn't pump (due to blister location) or let Lorelei’s mouth near it, or I’d see stars it hurt so badly. I was so dismayed, because I felt like I had come so far, but if I didn’t nurse or pump that side, I’d lose my supply—after all my work, tears, exhaustion, and pain! I didn’t want to give up yet, nor was I willing to get a lactation consultant involved, because I have a (inaccurate) terror of a breastfeed-at-all-costs approach. I did some research, treated it myself, continued to suffer through some of the most toe-curling breastfeeding of my life, bought and used bigger shields for the pump to at least reduce friction, and a couple days later, I was back to normal. Of course, for me, normal is still very, very tender and sore. (And no, Lorelei’s latch is NOT wrong.) Nonetheless, this felt like a huge victory. And frankly, I think it was. When you spend SO MUCH of your day feeding (Lorelei currently feeds about every 2 hours), something like a milk blister controls your entire life. Not to mention your blog posts. 

So, today was Lorelei's 1-month check-up, and she gained almost a pound in the past 2 weeks, clocking in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces. I'm very, very proud of us. And relieved. At first, I had thought the nurse said Lorelei weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and I spent the three minutes in the exam room waiting for the pediatrician in a panic, trying not to cry. My girl LOST weight? How was that possible? HOW? She had been attached to my body for 4 solid weeks! Um, yeah. The pediatrician very politely informed me that I was a pound off in my math. NINE pounds, 3 ounces. Not. Eight. Her weight was perfect.

The other awesome thing? Lorelei is making progress on her sleeping--on not one but TWO fronts! First, she will sleep for about 2 to 3.5 hours at a stretch at night. Last night she even hit 4 hours! With Chris taking one of the nighttime feedings (earlier in the day I make a bottle of milk for him to use), we can definitely manage this sleep schedule. It’s way better than where we were with Charlotte at 4 weeks of age.

Next, Lorelei is finally napping outside of my arms. Thank. Goodness. This has freed me up to do crazy things like shower and eat. It has also saved my sanity—before, she’d be in my arms unless I was driving. Believe me, sometimes I took the long way home.

So, we’re discovering our groove. Hopefully, this weekend will go more smoothly, as we figure out the rhythm of having our lives revolve around two little tyrants.

Oh, but such cute little tyrants they are . . .


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