Lorelei's Baptism

Saying hello to sleeping Lorelei.

Her baptism.

Still asleep, despite a lot of cold water on her head, so the congregation very quietly applauded. 

The four of us.

The women folk of our family.

Lorelei Belle with her namesake, Great-Grandma Belle.

On December 23rd, we celebrated Lorelei's baptism. This time, my side of the family was in town, my brother (Tyler) and sister-in-law (Christine) stood as her godparents, and even Lorelei's Great-Grandma Belle was here from California. Oh, how I love my Grandma Belle!

Lorelei wore a sweet little white outfit with pale pink flowers on it, which her Omi had gotten her for the big day. I don't mean to brag (yes, I do), but my littlest girl looked freaking adorable, even if she did have a mohawk. (There is no controlling this child's hair.)

As usual, it was hectic getting my offspring out the door on time, what with trying to perfectly time Lorelei's feedings so as to avoid a meltdown during the service. Chris was also leading adult Sunday School that morning, which added another element of craziness. By the time we got settled in at church, Lorelei had fallen asleep in my arms. And there she remained until, during, and after her baptism.

It was pretty much exactly the opposite of Charlotte's rather, um, active baptism. (I'm relieved that the other church members speak of her baptism fondly, as an adorable display of toddler gusto and kids-say-the-darndest-things, not a fiasco.)

Lorelei managed to sleep through the entire thing, including the water part, so at the end, the pastor suggested the congregation clap softly to avoid waking her, which they actually pulled off. It was really quite sweet. And amusing.


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