I am appalled at my lack of blogging lately.

Life is busy, per usual, and it seems like every day, I'm being asked to squeeze in JUST ONE MORE THING.

So, quick updates for you. Chris goes to work, comes home for work, putters around the garden, mows the lawn, and goes to Costco and Whole Foods.

Charlotte has been BUSY. She attends birthday parties CONSTANTLY, and bless her heart, she has so much fun, it's hard to begrudge them too much. She has also been taking Spanish and thus far knows nil espanol, but she loves going so much that we cringe and pay the stupid tuition. She recently finished gymnastics, which was a fun Charlotte-Mommy event each Saturday morning (parents participated in this class level). A future gymnast she is not, as the child dislikes heights and can't stomach the lack of control flying through the air requires, but she had a grand time. The shiny green leotard was a big plus, not to mention the trampoline. In the fall, she'll re-enroll, but this time she'll be in the next class up (without Mommy).

When gymnastics ended, we immediately replaced that Saturday morning time slot with swimming lessons. Again, this is a parent-in-the-pool activity, but that's fine. We're lucky enough to have fabulous public pools across the from our neighborhood, so we walk over there in the morning, hand in hand. Charlotte is having a blast with so much pool time (we take her at other times, too), and she seems to have more of a knack for swimming than cartwheels. It will be a long road to getting her to a water-safe point, but I figured we should at least start.

Charlotte also finished up playing soccer and LOVED it. Our kitchen/family room has been something of a soccer field, and she does so well that I don't have the heart to tell her not to kick balls in the house.

Finally, through school, she's doing an "extra" activity of "jamboree," which goes all year, assuming we remember to write the jamboree check. I'm not exactly sure what happens during it, but Charlotte lives for Thursdays and jamboree, so apparently she's having fun.

Now on the summer schedule, Charlotte and Lorelei's school has weekly water days and themes. Each day, I pick up a pink-cheeked, grinning kid, greasy with sunscreen and covered in sandbox sand. Her tan gets ever darker, despite SPF 75 lathered on her. Lorelei, however, remains with milky white skin, safely ensconced in air conditioning.

Ah, Lorelei. Can you believe she's 4 days shy of turning 9 months old? She has been sick this week (with just a fever). Aside from that, she's doing fantastic. She's just the sweetest little girl. She loves to smile and coo (even when sick!), and she's so good-natured end even-tempered, I swear she was exactly what our rather high-strung, Type A family needed. Of course, her jolly nature makes her crying all the more heartbreaking. Our evening ritual involves Chris or me laying her on her back in her crib. Like a jumping bean, she immediately pops over onto her belly as we walk out of her room. Looking back at her crib, I see a tiny hand come up over the crib bumper, pull it downward, and her sweet face with a giant, pouting bottom lip appears. And then she cries. Usually for just a minute, but still. I haaaaaaate leaving her like that, night after night.

Lorelei is not yet crawling (hey, Charlotte didn't crawl until 10 months), and I'm not sure she's very motivated to crawl: she rolls her way from Point A to Point B so effectively that crawling couldn't possibly be faster.

As for me, well, I'm perpetually up to eyeballs at work. Always.

And . . . . that's the latest!


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