Mommy is home from Philadelphia! We had a very exhausting, very successful conference, with thousands and thousands of attendees. It's always gratifying to see people buying--and excited about--books you've worked so hard to develop, produce, and make happen. I also made some fantastic progress on a new book I'm really excited about, which is also my first solo, original acquisitions project.

Of course, I missed my darling girl something fierce. Chris literally pulled me out of Charlotte's room the night I got home (she was already asleep), not trusting that I wouldn't "accidentally" wake her. (He was probably right.) Yesterday morning, I made up for my absence with lots of Charlotte time. My kid was so stinkin' cute, playing playing playing, then racing over to me to give me a precious, clingy Charlotte hug, and then going back to her play spot. Then she'd repeat it. I had been warned by other mommies that she might be miffed at me, but she seemed simply happy that her mama was home. And her mama is glad, too.

Next week, I have one more trip (this time for fun). I have to go to the West Coast for a good friend's wedding. Fortunately, Chris's mom is coming to Maryland on Friday to celebrate Easter with us and then help Chris out while his wife abandons him to single parenthood for a second time.

I took today off work to catch up on household stuff--Chris did a great job with Charlotte while I was gone, but my house needs some work! So, off I go . . . .


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