Book Club: Announcing the July Book

I’m happy to report that the online book club started last month has been going very well! We had a rough start, as the forum I had initially created for the book club resulted in technical glitch after technical glitch. We eventually moved the forum to Goodreads, after which things took off! Phew!

The book club has been renamed Paged: A Book Club (see widget on the right of your computer screen), and currently has 8 very active members. Official discussion of the June book (The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O’Connor McNees) begins July 1st, but we’ve had a lot of fun discussing it (sans spoilers) along the way. The book is a fairly fast read, so feel free to join if you haven’t yet—you still have over 3 weeks to get it read! Join the book club HERE.

Or, perhaps you’d rather wait and sign on for the July book. You can do that too!

Announcing the July Book

Meghan earned the right to pick the July book, as she was the very first person to join the book club. She has selected Skippy Dies by Paul Murray.

The premise is that Skippy, well, dies at an all-boys school in Dublin. Darkly humorous (which has “Meghan” written all over it), the book has received mostly positive reviews. I, for one, am very excited about the July selection, and I’m really looking forward to reading it. Best of all? I don’t think this is a book that I would have unearthed on my own. See? This is part of what makes book clubs so nifty.

At 672 pages, it’s on the longer side, which is why we’re announcing the July book now. It’s also fairly popular, so get it on your holds list at the library ASAP. Or download it to your Kindle or Nook at your leisure. The Kindle price is on the steep side—$14.99—but if I hear one more person lament that electronic books should cost mere pennies because they don’t involve paper, I’m gonna scream. (Someday I’ll torture my readership by writing a post on why e-books STILL COST MONEY TO PRODUCE and the tough spot publishers are in to make a profit. For example, Amazon takes an enormous cut for Kindle publications, and thus publishers must crank up Kindle prices to make any profit at all. That’s just one factor in e-publishing. Vent finished.)

So, then: Skippy Dies. Official discussion starts August 1st; reading starts now!


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