Teething? Ears?

This will be a short post because I have an uber clingy, cranky, refusing-to-nap toddler on my hands. Actually, on my lap. All typos a6r7  are hers. Because she likes buttons. And a keyboard = lots of buttons.

Anyhoo, Charlotte either has a giant tooth coming in, or another ear infection. I'm hoping for teeth, and I see the white specks of the back half of a molar, so that's reinforcing the teething theory.

Another ear infection would be problematic.

See, if she gets another ear infection, Miss Charlotte gets referred to an ear/nose/throat doc for tubes in her ears. And since it's currently Saturday, I'd need to take her in on Monday if things are still crappy, and I have my own doctor's appointment ALL THE WAY IN THE CITY that took me 6 weeks to get, and it really can't wait. And it will take awhile. Soooooo. That leaves Mr. I-Have-Four-Thousand-Meetings-Scheduled-Per-Day to handle all pediatrician hoopla, and Charlotte wouldn't be able to return to school until successfully surviving the first 24 hours of an antibiotic round.

So, obviously, teething is the preferred culprit.

Charlotte was up 3 times last night, and at 4:00 a.m. I decided to stop fighting it and just brought her downstairs and watched Beauty and the Beast. Which I love. (And yes, 20 years later, I still cry during the ballroom scene.)

Aside from tired crankiness (two short naps today), a dose of ibprofen brings our girl back to full-fledged Charlotte. And the lack of naps actually strengthens my teething theory. Whenever she's fighting an infection, Charlotte sleeps for a VERY long time. Today? Not so much. At all.

Mommy is very tired.

Anyhoo, I'm optimistic that this is just a nasty tooth or two coming in and that my darling girl is being just a smidge dramatic.

Of course, teething or not, I had to give Charlotte a time out when she bit me today (she bit a kid at school about a month ago, so it's not a habit but something we definitely need to nip in the bud). Immediately, she was put in timeout. She fought it, I won, and when I went in for the it's-all-over-remember-mommy-adores-you hug, she ran past me and tearfully jumped into Chris's arms. Of course, seeing as how I haven't seen sleep since 1:00 a.m. or so, I burst into tears myself.  (I cry easily when tired.) My child deliberately rejected me!

Once daddy quelled the crying (on both sides), she came back to me. But geez. I think what we all need is a good night's sleep.


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