So I haven’t posted a post in a week. Well, what to write? Let’s knock this off the list, and then I’m GOING TO BED.

The past few days have been so insane that I lost 3 pounds in one weekend. I managed to keep Charlotte fed, though. That’s what matters. (My weight correlates pretty much perfectly with my stress level. Always.)
Some highlights: Hit three Christmas parties, one of which required a babysitter. And a babysitter = kid-free cocktail at the local bar. ‘Twas glorious.
On Friday, I swung by Chris’s work to hear the Washington Master Chorale perform (for about 40 minutes, before hitting Charlotte’s Hanukkah party). Geico, great patron of the arts it is, allows them to rehearse in its cafeteria. In return, they perform for the staff at yuletide. The chorale was fantastic, and I couldn’t help but be awed by the power of music—and sacred music in particular. Here we were, in quite possibly the ugliest room ever, full of outdated décor, fluorescent lighting, and that depressing low-cost institutional aura. And yet, O Holy Night makes for a damn near transcendent experience. Nope, you don’t always need a grand cathedral and powerful organ, do you?
I showed up 1.5 minutes late to the Hanukkah party. I brought the requisite juice boxes and thought I was doing pretty well because I got the Juicy Juice kind and apparently they’re 100% juice. Well, the other mom who brought juice boxes had some super organic grape juice with an environmentally friendly pouch and ergonomically astute straw punch-in design. They had already been passed around, so . . .  my terror of forgetting juice boxes and showing up empty-handed was for nada. Eh, oh well. And how did the party go? Well, take 12 two-year-olds, fill them with sugar, and then let them loose.
Chaos, my friends. Chaos.
At one point, a bunch of kids wanted to play dress up, so they all grabbed sparkly tutus (boys included—and I was pleased to see that not a single parent or teacher tried to put them in something more “boyish”). Yes, all donned tutus except for my child. She grabbed the suit jacket and proudly marched around the room like a mini executive. Fear not, she did not forget her softer side. Eventually, she added a blue tutu. So very fashionable.  
I made plates of baked treats for 11 of Chris’s analysts. Per usual, they were wrapped in cellophane and tied with gaudy ribbon. This year, because I lack sense, I added yet another project—mugs of hot chocolate stuff. How to explain? Well, I’ll write a Christmas crafts blog in January and catch you up.
Finally, although I finished my shopping forever ago, I volunteered to “adopt” a family through our church. This requires shopping. (More shopping.) At a lot of stores. Yesterday, I squeezed in Wal-Mart trip after church and before a Christmas party. I went to bed way too late and raced around this morning to load up the car, get some birthday cards in the mail, pack lunches, and so on. While attacking my before-Christmas workload at (duh) work, I got a call around 3:00 from Charlotte’s school. Weird rash. Bumps on legs. Must see pediatrician before she can return.
Chris and I carpooled, so I called him right away and miraculously, he answered. I scheduled the last appointment of the day at the pediatrician’s office and raced to pick up Charlotte and then hit the doctor. She’s fine. We got the necessary note and came home (after stopping at the library to pick up a dozen books. Literally.).
Chris and I (but mostly Chris) raced to get Charlotte fed and bathed. He forced me to SIT and eat a half tuna sandwich. It was probably for the best. Then, after kissing my girl goodnight, I grabbed some Christmas cookies and headed out to shop, about 40 minutes away. (I told you I live in The Sticks.)
Target, Sports Authority, and Bed Bath and Beyond later, I declared success. I even found the Pokeman cards. (phew)
My folks and Grandma Belle arrive Wednesday and I have NO CLUE how I’ll get everything ready in time, but I’ve decided to quit stressing and just proceed. After all, what one might view as a stressful trip to shop tonight involved a beautiful starry drive through the countryside at night, with the very best sort of Christmas music blaring.
Now, I sleep.
Loading up on sugar. And excessively hoity toity grape juice.

Her executive duds. Is it just me, or does she already look a little stressed? Corporate life is HARD.

She was looking for the hood portion of her jacket. If her coat has one, this jacket must as well! On the plus side, you can now see the blue tutu.


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