I have lost my mind, y’all. For some time, I’ve played with the idea of creating a blog devoted to written words. I’ve always wanted to do such a blog, but SO MANY book review blogs already exist that it seemed . . . lame. How could I make mine different? In short, what’s the point?

As I posted my 2011 list of books, my favorite post of the year, I happily saw the oodles of site hits, and I enjoyed the conversations I had with others about all things bookish as a result. And then I was a little bummed I’d have to wait until NEXT year for another book list post. WAH!
Thus, I’ve created Bookish, which is connected (sort of) to This Hofmann Life. My mommy blog is a mommy blog. I originally started it to keep our families and friends up to date on Charlotte, as our kin (let’s bring back the word “kin,” yeah?) all live on the West Coast.
Then in May, I started Reader’s Ink, the online book club. While it has been fun, I feel like I sort of “interrupt” the mommy nature of This Hofmann Life with book club announcements and such. All book club–related things will now occur on Bookish.
Finally, as you may know, I write (well, I aim to write), and I think some of the posts I have swirling around in my head that are more writing-related would be more appropriate on Bookish. I don't want to lose the mommy nature of This Hofmann Life, but I want to write what I want to write without feeling like I'm cluttering the mommy blog with bookish things. Ya know?
Like This Hofmann Life, I expect Bookish to morph into its own quirky brand of wordiness, but for now I’ll say that I intend book reviews to generate the bulk of it (I HATE WAITING UNTIL JANUARY TO POST MY ANNUAL LIST). I’ll also add some writing insights or accounts of banging my head against my keyboard, nuggets of wisdom or stupidity from the unjust world of publishing, and maybe even a grammatical reminder here and there (not they’re or their) to remind dear readers that IMPACT should not be used as a verb, no matter how IMPACTFUL you think it makes your sentence. And the like.
So, if you enjoy words and would like to read about something other than Charlotte’s poop schedule or room décor, head over to Bookish.


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