Charlotte's 3rd Birthday

So, these photos are waaaaaay late, but below you'll see how we celebrated Charlotte's birthday, Cinderella style.
On the Saturday before her birthday, we (including Nana, who was on her last day here) went to our favorite brewery, Dogfish Head. Charlotte was first surprised with a pretty Cinderella dress, which she LOVED. She was allowed to wear it to Dogfish Head. A light-up Cinderella doll in her car seat also surprised Charlotte when she got into the car, which she brought into the restaurant and showed off to complete strangers. For dessert, the server brought an ice cream sundae with a candle, and we all sang to her. She had the cutest little smirk, her face all lit up by the candle. She felt SO special, I could just tell. And no, no photos. I was too busy watching her. And yes, this is the best picture we got of her that night.
Next Cinderella surprise: I made up Charlotte's bed with (surprise!) Cinderella sheets. Her two Cinderella dolls, plus a brand new Cinderella board book, greeted her when she came upstairs. A perk of all these surprises? No wrapping required. "Look at those sheets!" Charlotte declared when she got into her room. And she couldn't wait to go to bed!
On her actual birthday, I picked up Charlotte from school and let her wear her Cinderella costume on the drive home. She oh so proudly waltzed around her school, saying, "Look at my pretty dress!" Everyone made a big deal, of course. In the car, I surprised Charlotte with a Cinderella magic wand, which she used to enchant parts of the car during the drive, with a spunky "bippity boppity boo!" At home, she walked into a magical, enchanted Cinderella Land, with "Bippity Boppity Boo!" playing through all the speakers. Lights were off, candles were lit (out of toddler reach), these blue lights were on a sparkle setting (SO cute!), and a big stage coach was on the table. Charlotte removed it before I took the photo, and she wouldn't give it back.
She requested pink and purple cupcakes (instead of a whole cake), which I made. From scratch. Including frosting. Which is a big deal when you have two small children and work full-time. Charlotte also got her favorite food ever for dinner: macaroni and cheese.
Cinderella's pumpkin stage coach.
Admiring a Cinderella decoration, bless her heart.
Opening gifts.
All in all, a lovely birthday for a lovely little girl. And since she received FOUR birthday party invitations since then, obviously we'll need to throw a REAL party next year.


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