Palm Springs

About a week(ish) ago, Charlotte and Chris went on a fun Charlotte–Daddy trip to Palm Springs to visit her omi and grandpa. I couldn’t go, seeing as how I’ve accrued something like .014 vacation hours since using everything for maternity leave. Lorelei couldn’t go either. Daddy wouldn’t have been able to manage a 4-month-old AND a 3-year-old on multiple flights across the country. Besides, I’m her food source. She has to stay near me.

In the end, it worked out pretty well. Chris got a chance to bond with just Charlotte, and I was able to give Lorelei more undivided attention. (When Charlotte is around, it’s All About Charlotte).

I missed them desperately, and Lorelei depleted what little oomph I had left by going on a painful sleeping-through-the-night hiatus, but let me tell you: one is easier than two.

In his absence, I developed a newfound appreciation for Chris (a) taking out the trash, (b) making the coffee each day, and (c) keeping the bed several degrees warmer. Oh, and (d) driving in ice and snow. A nasty winter night resulted in an extremely slippery morning commute during which I slid my way to daycare and work, praying aloud the entire time, my oh so very precious cargo innocently dozing in the backseat. (We take back country roads to work, not freeways. They’re hilly and curvy.)

Chris reported that superstar Charlotte was a fantastic jetsetter and behaved wonderfully. Now, a 5-hour-plus flight from DC to San Francisco makes even most adults crabby and stir crazy, so a lively toddler maturely making the trip—and after getting up a 4:00 a.m. to catch the flight—is pretty impressive. She then had another 2-hour flight from San Francisco to Palm Springs. NOW are you impressed?

Charlotte was SO excited to go on an airplane, and the whole thing was a grand adventure for her. SO excited.

In Palm Springs, Charlotte’s grandparents spoiled her with lots of pool time, a trip to a children’s museum, a trip to the zoo, shopping trips, walks in the SUN, and several restaurant visits. I also hear that she watched Cinderella another 492 times. She had her first merry-go-round ride, pet weird desert animals at the zoo, and apparently, based on her demonstrations in the bathtub after getting home, learned some swimming basics. Chris got the chance to golf with his dad—something he always loves to do.

We Skyped as we could, and ohhhhhh, how I missed my big girl! However, she had so much fun, and I have it on good authority that her omi and grandpa adored having her there too.

Crack of dawn but SO excited! Apparently she wore the sunglasses all the way through aiport security, charming TSA agents--a feat Chris didn't think possible.

At the children's museum.

With Daddy, at the children's museum.

Paintng at the children's museum. I'm not one bit surprised she selected pink paint.

I texted this photo to Chris, seeking cross-country parenting advice: "Look how pink her cheeks are. Should I take a rectal temp?" (I did. She was totally fine.)

Charlotte and her grandpa. I think this photo is so cute.

Brushing the animals.

Petting a snake. A snake.

Merry-go-round. She LOVED it and apparently didn't want to get off.

After a slushy drive home, I texted this photo of our deck and backyard to Chris.

He responded with this.

Valentine's Day, waiting for my two other valentines to arrive home.


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