Dress Up

"Charlotte LOVES to play dress up!" one of her teachers told me.

Huh? I had never seen Charlotte play dress up. And then I realized, we don't have a dress-up box. She has nothing to play dress-up with at home, so I had totally missed this aspect of her darling personality.

But then I thought about it. Charlotte has been going through a strange hat stage. She LOVES hats. "Hat! Hat! Hat!" is a favorite word. She loves putting on and taking off her "baby's" (another word) hat, and playing with the hood on a teddy bear Grandpa Dale had sent her. She won't leave the house without a "hat!" or get into her car seat without a "hat!" And in the church nursery, they know to not even try to remove her hat. Everyone just lets it clash with whatever cute little Sunday dress she's wearing.

And then there are her shoes. When I say, "Let's put on your shoes!" her face LIGHTS UP, she runs to get them, brings them to me, and plops right down so I can put them on her. The other day as we entered her classroom, her teacher cried, "You got new shoes!" SO EXCITED, Charlotte ran over to her and lifted her foot, showing off her new shoes from various angles. She was SO proud of them. She loves shoes. If Chris or I leave our shoes out, she'll try to put them on her own feet and, if I don't stop her, attempt to walk in them. This leads to many falls.

Then, most weird of all, she has this bizarre fascination with an old, quite ratty pair of pale blue pajama bottoms that I have. She LOVES to have them regally draped around her, or perhaps fashioned as a lovely scarf.

So while Chris was gone last weekend, Charlotte and I played our own weird version of dress up for a long, long time. There were no tiaras or glitter, tutus or princess dresses, faux jewelry or magic wands. Nope, we dressed up Charlotte-style, which led to the following fashion concoctions:

I think it's time to invest in a dress-up box. I'll even donate the blue pajama bottoms.


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