I keep coming across this list on other people’s blogs, which I think comes from some vintage-y homemaking book or some such. Actually, I have no clue, but I’m sure at least some of my readers actually do know and are annoyed I’m not correctly crediting it. Anyway, the list reminds me of those funny lists we all used to send each other back when e-mail was invented, but this one is extraordinarily wholesome and proper. If nothing else, it gives me fodder for another blog post, eh? And because I needed some help focusing this morning (I barely got through my email, I feel so "off"), I decided to spend 10 minutes getting into gear.

Outside my window: Sun shining on downtown Bethesda, with cars and people hustling to work.

I am thinking: What time is it in Nashville? I need to call a medical illustrator there.

I am listening to: The air conditioner whir and people arriving at the office.

I am grateful for: Charlotte sleeping until 6:00 a.m.! (With only one quasi-wake-up at 3:30, which I think was only because she had entirely kicked off her blanket, rolled on top of it so she didn’t have a prayer of getting it back over her, and was chilly.)

I am reading: Little Men, Skippy Dies, Conversations With Lillian Hellman, and Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood. I like to have multiple books going at once. Clearly.

I am photographing: This morning, I took a picture of Charlotte wearing a diaper, a pajama shirt, and a lady bug sunhat. Her own fashion ensemble. “HAT!” is her new favorite word AND fashion accessory.

I am listing: The random bits of dull stuff I need to do today, which I hate to do: contracts, timesheets, paying vendors, returning calls, obtaining peer reviewers for books.

I am creating: Last night, I rewrote a scene (for my YA novel) that involved a disco ball, roller skates, and a DJ with a drawl.

To live my faith: Well, I volunteered to host Fellowship Hour at church in a few weeks. It feels like such a church-lady thing to do that I’m pretty sure I aged 2 decades since confirming it. But it should be fun.

I am hoping and praying: For a friend who lost her baby boy at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and for the newborn son of another friend who just had his IV removed and is almost healthy enough to be moved to his mommy’s hospital room.

Around the house: The cleaners are coming tomorrow for the first time in a MONTH! I’ve de-cluttered everything in giddy anticipation, and cannot wait to walk into a sparkling house tomorrow evening. Also, with Chris gone, I did his chores: took the recycling to the curb, watered the garden, and changed Charlotte’s crib sheet (I hate to do this—no linen is harder to change than a crib sheet, so I have Chris do it).

From the kitchen: Tonight’s menu? Macaroni and cheese (don’t judge, it’s organic) with hot dogs (don’t judge, they’re nitrate-free). See, this is what Ashley cooks when Chris is gone. I mean, why complicate things?

One of my favorite things this week: Laughing like a dork as I watched Charlotte happily dance and clap her hands—in her car seat!—to Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s in Love With the Boy.” Something about that song inspired her!

The children this week: Charlotte has had a strange habit of waking up (early) from her naps (at school) screaming and utterly inconsolable. Quite the problem. I’m wondering if it’s some weird form of night terrors or something. However, she had a great 2-hour nap yesterday, with no screaming, so hopefully the sleep screaming was a temporary thing.

Plans for the week: Well, it’s already Wednesday, but working, writing, reading, and caring for Charlotte will get us to the weekend. Then we’ll take a walk to the library, shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, attend church, and run errands.

There now. I feel better. Onward!


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