Hurricane Update

I’m pretty sure I’ve grown an ulcer I’ll name Irene during the past few days, but despite most hurricane prediction models suggesting our vacation spot will be wiped off the map on Saturday, I’m feeling jollier than I have in days.

This morning I talked to the nicest Southern lady ever at the real estate office through which we booked our beach house. The nice lady informed me that, assuming Topsail Island continues to exist after Irene, we’re to report there at 4:00 on Sunday for key pick up! Obviously, this COULD TOTALLY CHANGE AND THE ODDS ARE COMPLETELY AGAINST US, but having some sort of PLAN in place has really helped me mentally. We’re supposed to check their website for changes, depending on damage to the houses, island, or town, but there’s a plan! A PLAN!

The next best part? I learned that we’re getting credited for missing Saturday night—so, one-seventh of our full payment, plus taxes. According to our signed agreement (which I’ve studied the past couple days), we’re not entitled to anything. Perhaps there’s some loophole if we never come at all? Maybe they're just nice? We dunno. But we absolutely weren’t banking on receiving a penny back, so even 1/7th is a couple hundred bucks that gives us more room to play during the possible Hofmann Staycation 2011. I know a seventh sounds like nothing, but for Chris and me, it has taken some of the sting out of our crappy, crappy luck.

Meanwhile, some (maybe half?) models are predicting a pretty hard hit on the DC metro area, which includes us. We have no trees around us, so the worst high winds should do is tear off shingles or blow around construction equipment. Maybe bust a window? Not going to North Carolina during the storm forces us to stay home, where we can ensure everything is okay at the house we actually own, so I guess that’s good. I’m anticipating loss of power, so this week we’re eating the frozen casseroles I made, which is just as well because I don’t have the mental capacity to finish up a crazy week at work before leaving for a week, deal with Charlotte, worry about Irene, AND concoct something for dinner.

We’re determined to make the best of next week, whatever Saturday and Irene bring.


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