Time With Children

I’m starting to think the Time With Children portion of the Sunday morning service at our small church should be filmed as a reality-TV show.

On any given Sunday, usually 1 or 2 little girls and 4 or so little boys clamor to the front of the sanctuary and sit oh so angelically near the steps. They are absolutely adorable. Then whoever is leading the Time With Children begins The Brief Bible Lesson, which always involves some Q and A.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving was one of my favorites.
“What are you thankful for?” Rev. Ruth asked.
“Chameleons,” one child said.
"Jesus," one brown-noser responded. "And my family." Then, after a second: “And gravy.” High five on that one, I thought. I’m thankful for gravy, too.

Or, how about the story of Jesus walking on water?
“He had magic FEET!” one little boy cried out.

Or this one:
“Sometimes, I secretly think I’m better than somebody else,” the guest preacher confessed to the kids.
“Well,” said one little boy, “If you KNOW you’re better than somebody else, I think that’s okay.”

Or one Sunday close to Christmas:
“You know how our families eat dinner together?” the adult began.
“Not my family,” a little boy interrupted. “My mom says she’s just too busy!”

“Who knows what a GPS is?” an adult asked.
“That’s the thing in the car my dad yells at when it’s wrong.”

Chris and I find Time With Children hilarious. And then it occurred to us: Eventually, Charlotte will be old enough to participate in Time With Children. She'll no longer be safely stowed in the church nursery.

We contemplated the things she could say.



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