Charlotte–Mommy Day: Fall Kick-Off

 Ready to go!

Oh, wait. We need to figure out how vents work first.

On Friday, Charlotte and I celebrated another Charlotte–Mommy day. Frankly, I missed the little darling.
Lately, I’ve had to wake up Charlotte in the morning (well, sort of, as she pops up like a jack-in-the-box  when I open the door). She’s going through some sort of growth spurt or something that is making her need a lot more sleep.  So, I felt awful about waking her up.
To boot, I apparently got a little too used to being with Charlotte 24/7 during vacation. Because I just missed her. I do think this was also due to me missing our morning time that used to be so typical, now that she preferred to just SLEEP.
Finally, there’s croup making the rounds at school. I thought it would a good idea to avoid it.
So, I kept her home. We had a lovely day, with the possible exception of getting our flu shots at the pediatrician’s office. Sweet girl that I have, she fell apart and screamed and cried as MOMMY got her shot. Honestly, I was rather flattered. I told her I appreciated her concern but that I was quite alright. But at that point, the needle was now heading for her chubby thigh, so she didn’t hear me.
We watched a few minutes of cartoons in Mommy and Daddy’s bed with coffee (me) and milk (her).  We read oodles of books, we played, and then we went to Nordstrom to get a birthday gift for cousin Kylie. At this point, we were so close to Friendship Heights (part of DC, ye West Coasters) that we met up with Daddy and went—get this—TO A TRENDY SUSHI RESTAURANT. With an almost-two-year-old! Sure, we were there the second the restaurant opened at 5:30, since we’re no longer cool enough to eat out at a normal hour, but we were delighted to discover that we were still cool enough to go someplace, well, cool. Blessedly, they had high chairs. Blessedly, the server was super sweet to Charlotte and brought her fancy sliced strawberries and cucumbers (and she loved asparagus tempura). And, blessedly, our child hardly embarrassed us at all. (Note: I’m not a big supporter of toddlers going to fancy restaurants. However, this was more trendy than fancy, and although quiet, we got there before all the cool kid-free folks arrived. And we have enough sense not to let her run around. In other words, we’re hypocrites.)
I love Charlotte–Mommy day. I’m gonna make a date with that little girl again soon!


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