I have to say, I did not anticipate the fantastic response of my previous post, Skippy or Jif. Whatever.
The comments I received via email, Facebook, and in person stunned me. They were so . . .  nice. I had worried I was adding to the drama, but I so wanted to say what I felt really needed to be said. Of course, I dreaded backlash. After all, I had just seen first-hand the cheap shots some moms were willing to make at other moms. I wasn’t sure how much more I could read or hear.

Happily, common sense, class, and decency have reigned, thanks to you, dear readers. Thanks for reading the post, and being so sweet.

I admit, the beginning of this week was a highly emotional couple of days. As is probably totally obvious from that post, the only reason I could have had reacted so strongly (I truly felt a wave of total ick wash over me, like before I vomit or faint) was because particular comments needled a very sensitive spot of mine: mommyhood.

On Monday night, I barely slept. My mind raced with millions of thoughts, snarky one-liners, and this hugely unpleasant pit in my stomach I couldn’t get rid of. I wasn’t sure how you all would respond, to be honest. But I knew something had to be posted. It had to be. These grown-up mean girls were just counting on having the last word, on standing on their self-righteous high horses at the expense of working moms.

On Tuesday, I adjusted my Facebook settings so that I don’t accidentally see this sort of crap any more, and I posted the post.

And you all were lovely.

As I posted somewhere, I don’t know of any mom who has made stay-home/childcare arrangements easily. So many factors—SO MANY FACTORS—are at play. Many of them conflict.

Yet, despite such (unnecessary, really) drama, on Tuesday night, I felt genuinely peaceful. Women had backed each other, made some pretty sound arguments here and there, and in the end, just declared over and over again: Skippy or Jif. Whatever.



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