So, if you (a) live on the East Coast, or (b) watch non-local news, you probably know the Washington, DC-area (along with the rest of the east coast) has yet another once-in-a-generation weather event heading its way.

Our fair town is expected to get 5 to 7 inches of rain, plus the wind hoopla. Charlotte's school is closed (oh, may I have patience with her these next couple days--she's on my lap as I type!), DC metro is entirely shut down (this is a BIG deal), the federal government is closed, public schools are closed, and so on.

Chris's work is notorious for encouraging its employees to come to into work despite any danger, but Chris had the good sense to instruct his staff to put their safety ahead of reporting to work. I hated the idea of him driving through easily flooded and thickly forested areas (falling trees!) to get to and from work, and he will be telecommuting today and probably tomorrow.

We overlooked getting more diapers for Lorelei (whoopsie), but we're well stocked in everything else (most importantly, beer and wine), so I think we'll be just fine. If the roof threatens to blow off, we'll head to the basement. If we lose power, then we'll cope with that--it can't possibly be worse than the derecho this summer when we lost power for days during that awful heat wave! Our fireplace will work regardless of power, and temperatures will range fromt he 30s to 50s. We'll be fine.


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